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    Many tapes and CDs exist that represent rich musical traditions of the Gaelic culture (past and present). Listed are some possible titles. Many others are available from suppliers listed on web.


    A tribute to the North Shore Gaelic Singers, songs from archival recordings of the past generation of Cape Breton's tradition bearers

    Tar Mo Ghraidh, explores the depth of NS Gaelic tradition in song, music and story

    Or Cheap Breatuinn Cape Breton's Gaelic Gold, rare songs from CB's culture

    Talant nam Bard, Margo Carruthers

    Lauchie Gillis, Gaelic songs from the Mira area of Cape Breton

    Lantern Burn and Home, includes Gaelic songs by Rita and Mary Rankin

    Oranaiche Cheap Breatuinn, Songs of the Gaels by the Cape Breton Gaelic choir

    Traditional Album, The Barra MacNeils

    Dunn to a T (Jackie Dunn)

    Bho Thir Nan Craobh and Suas e! (Mary Jane Lamond) listen to clips on B&R Heritage site

    Fire in the Kitchen, compilation of Celtic/Cape Breton musicians

    and countless others.......

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