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    Welcome to the Gaelic Cultural Studies website. This site was developed to support learning and teaching in Gaelic Cultural Studies 11 and to support community activities which contribute to the revival and growth of the rich and vibrant Gaelic heritage in Nova Scotia.

    Here you will find information, resources and opportunities for educators, artists, writers, Gaelic scholars, historians, and others to engage in conversations which focus on Gaelic culture.

    The legacy of the early Gaels continues to enrich our lives and culture today, in celebrations of song, dance, story telling, art, education and a renewed interest in "finding our roots". Gaelic culture is acknowledged through newspaper and magazine circulation, countless websites, Gaelic awareness celebrations, and the development of many courses in Gaelic language and arts. The legacy of Gaelic settlers in "New Scotland" makes an important contribution to tourism in Nova Scotia.

    Gaelic Cultural Studies 11 acknowledges and honours the story of the Gaels for their descendants as well as for other interested students and teachers.

    We invite visitors to help shape the site with suggestions, comments and information on current happenings in education, business, entertainment, technology and the arts.


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